In the treatment of myelocytic leukemia

Bone marrow transplant preparation

Made in India

BUCELON / Busulfan

Boselen (busulfan) is used in the treatment of myelocytic leukemia and bone marrow transplant preparation regimen.

Measurements of hematocrit and hemoglobin and leukocyte counts (white blood cells) should be performed before and at intervals of treatment due to the late and severe inhibition of bone marrow activity induced by busulfan. Due to the delayed effects of the drug, as soon as the first signs of a sudden and severe decrease in leukocytes (especially granulocytes) are observed, discontinue treatment or reduce the dose of the drug to prevent the irreversible effects of decreased bone marrow activity. The medicine can cause cell dysplasia in many tissues such as the lungs, lymph nodes, pancreas, thyroid, adrenal glands, liver, bone marrow, bladder, breast and cervix.

At the first sign of pulmonary fibrosis, the drug should be discontinued.

Intravenous busulfan should be given as a two-hour infusion.

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