Partnering with Sina Pishgam Darou

Looking for a Distributor in Iran?

As registration, import and distribution of pharmaceutical products have been our main business activity for the past decade, we are always open to assess opportunities of distributorship of high quality products. So far, we had the privilege to have been exclusively representing more than 30 companies and their products in Iran market.
If you are a pharmaceutical manufacturer or Marketing Authorization Holder(MAH) with great products and looking to enter Iran as a high-potential market, please write to us and we will be glad to discuss different aspects of a mutual cooperation for distribution of your products in Iran or neighboring countries.
Esteemed Manufacturers and marketing authorization holders of below products worldwide, we would be glad to have you as a partner:

– Drug Finished Dosage Forms

– API and excipients

– Food Supplements

– Sports Supplements 

– Medical Devices

– Vaccines

– Other interesting innovative products.

If you are a Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

Please write to us introducing your company and products as we frequently import products to supply medicine shortages announced by Iran Food and Drug Administration(IFDA).

Looking to distribute our products in your market?

With our manufacturing activities, we have a range of our own diligently manufactured medicines and food supplements which are ready for export to international markets.

Distributors and importers around the world are welcome to contact us. Please check our list of manufactured products here.

We also have the authorization from some of our international partners to export their products to a few neighboring markets such as Iraq, Armenia, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, etc.

To find out more about available products for each market, please contact us.

Looking to source pharmaceutical products, devices and equipment from Iranian manufacturers?

We could offer products from our Iranian manufacturing partners to meet your needs in terms of price and quality.
Please let us know what products you are looking for.

Other Opportunities

– Contract Manufacturing
– Under-License Manufacturing
– Product Development

How to contact us

For all opportunities, You could simply drop us an email or use our contact from. Here are our phone number in case you prefer to make a call.

Business Development Department
+98 21 88630176 (Ext 142)

For a phone call, please note our working hours are Saturday to Wednesday from 8 to 16.
Our Business Development Team is looking forward to hearing from you.