Production of Sina Pishgam Darou Novin

The company has also been producing Erecgel topical gel (Sildenafil 1%, ORS-EFF effervescent tablets in three flavors of orange, lemon and strawberry, IVY cough syrup for Children and Adults, ointment (Clindamazol (Clindamycin2%) – since 1396). Clotrimazole is 2% marketed and in the next step, it has introduced itself in the global markets and its trading partners for export. The full specifications of the manufactured products can be seen in the products section of the site.

Due to the good relationship of our collection with Iranian pharmaceutical manufacturers, this company has a good potential to introduce the products of these pharmaceutical companies and export them to different countries. Meanwhile, our company has registered about 50 items of medicine from different foreign companies in Iran. The list of these products on the same website and the names of their producing countries is available below and offered to interested Customers.

Switzerland, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Ireland, Germany, England, France, Greece, Bulgaria.


Other Products