The active ingredient of the Medicine is sodium tetradsil sulfate.

Treatment of primary and uncomplicated varicose veins

Fibro-vein can be used in adults (including the elderly).


What is fibrovin and what are its uses?

The name of this Medicine is fibrovin, which contains the active ingredient sodium tetradsyl sulfate. Different concentrations of fibrovin are used to treat varicose Veins, large, medium or small venules, and spider Veins.
This injectable drug belongs to a group of Medicines called sclerosants. Sclerosants are chemicals that, when injected into a Vein, cause the walls to swell and stick together. This stops the Blood flow and the Vein becomes scar tissue and must be removed within a few weeks.


Therapeutic indications:

For the Treatment of uncomplicated primary varicose Veins, recurrent or postoperative varicose Veins, reticular Veins, venules, and Spider Veins of the lower extremities that have simple dilation.
Fibrovin can be used in Adults (including the elderly).

You should never inject fibrovin yourself. Treatment with this Medicine should always be performed by a knowledgeable doctor familiar with the injection method.
Treatment is by injecting a Medicine into a vein with the smallest possible Needle, and the injection should be done slowly and carefully to drain the Blood into the Vein. The Medicine may be manually mixed with air using two syringes and an interface to create foam to help drain Blood to larger Veins. In these cases, the Medicine should be injected by a physician who is familiar with the correct method of producing and injecting foam.
The physician should use ultrasound-guided injection to treat invisible varicose Veins and to inject sclerosing Foam.
The doctor will determine the right Place to inject the Medicine and the correct Dose. Download the brochure to know the Dosage.

This Medicine has different Doses for Treatment. To find out about these Doses and how to dilute or make foam from the Solution, download the Brochure on the Page. To inject fiber, you should participate in training workshops that are held under the supervision of a specialist.

Fibrovin should only be prescribed by an experienced specialist familiar with the anatomy of the Veins and the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the venous System and the appropriate method of injection. Leakage of sclerosing Material from a vessel can cause many adverse local complications, including tissue necrosis. Therefore, great care in inserting the needle into the Vein and using the least effective volume of Medicine at each Injection site is very important. The Solution should be injected slowly.
Care should be taken to avoid intra-arterial injection of the drug, as this can lead to tissue death (tissue necrosis) which may lead to organ loss.
Special care is needed if injected into the foot and upper and lower ankles (maleular area) due to the risk of intra-arterial injection. In the Treatment of small Veins, pressure is needed because Pigmentation may occur if Blood leaks at the injection Site.
Allergic reactions including anaphylaxis have been reported, and the physician should be prepared to treat these conditions appropriately. Emergency resuscitation Equipment should be available immediately. As a precaution, the patient should be treated in a hospital.

Allowed duration of Medicine use:

The shelf life of the Medicine is 3 years.

The Medicine should be taken immediately after the first opening.

Keep the Medicine out of the reach of Children.
This Medicine does not require any special storage conditions.
• Protect the Medicine from freezing.
• The medicine should be kept in a Box to protect it from Light.
• The Medicine should not be used after the Expiration Date on the Package. The Expiration Date means the last Day of the Month mentioned.
This Medicine can be used only once. After opening the container containing the Medicine, its Contents should be consumed immediately and any remaining Medicine should be discarded.
Medicines should not be disposed of via wastewater or household waste. Consult a pharmacist to protect the environment in these cases

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