To numb a Part of the Body during Surgery

To relieve Labor Pain

Relief of acute pain after Surgery

Ropivacaine Bioindusteria / Ropivacaine

What is Rupivacaine Hydrochloride Bioindestria and what is it used for?

Rupivacaine Hydrochloride Bioindestria contains the active ingredient Rupivacaine Hydrochloride, which belongs to a group of Medicine called local anesthetics that are used to numb a part of the Body. Rupivacaine Bioindestria Hydrochloride 7.5 mg / ml and 10 mg / ml in Adults and Children 12 years and older is used to numb parts of the Body during Surgery. It can be used in the following Cases:
– To anesthetize a part of the Body during Surgery, including cesarean Section;
– To relieve pain during Childbirth, after Surgery or accident.
Rupivacaine Hydrochloride Bioindestria 2 mg / ml in Adults and Children of all ages, both during Surgery and after Surgery, in the Treatment of acute pain. Used as postoperative pain.
Rupivacaine Bioindestria hydrochloride contains Sodium. Each milliliter of the drug Solution contains 3.5 mg of Sodium. This should always be considered for Patients with impaired renal Function or those on a low-Sodium Diet.

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