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The need of the people of our Country for the world’s top medicines prompted Sina Pishgam Daroo Novin to start its activities in the field of import as soon as possible. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, and with the most experienced pharmacists and relevant staff in the field of drug diagnosis and Evaluation, Trade and Marketing, this group has directly imported pharmaceutical products.
The Import of Medicine to Iran is done in two ways according to the customs laws and the Ministry of Health: Registered Medicine and emergency Medicine .

Import of Emergency Medicines

Emergency Medicine are drugs that enter the country at the request of the Ministry of Health due to the lack of that medicine in the community and the urgent need of patients for that medicine.
At this stage, entry permits are issued only to Medicines made in Western Europe, the United States and Canada, which are imported after submitting a certificate of use of the drug in the country of manufacture and sales invoice to the Ministry of Health of Iran and finally approval of this Organization.

Import of registered Medicine

Sina Pishgam Darou Novin Company Imports some of the Medicines as registered Medicines. Registered Medicines are Medicines that are registered and purchased by the company in the Ministry of Health and finally imported according to the needs of the community and after marketing Research. This process is done in 3 Steps, which are described as follows:
first Step: The completed Appendix1 form will be sent to the Ministry of Health with the letter of representation and…
Second Step: At this Step, Documents such as Appendix3, GMP, CPP and و Certification have been sent to the Ministry of Health for this stage to be approved by the Ministry.
Third Step: A comprehensive Medicine file is submitted to the Ministry of Health.
In case of the final approval of the Ministry of Health and receiving the entry permit, the purchase and Import stage will be done by Sina Pishgam Darou Novin Company.

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