Sina Pishgam Darou Novin's Export

Following the success of Sina Pishgam Darou Novin in the field of importation, this company by benefiting from expert human resources and with regard to the policies of providing people in all around the world with high quality products as well as Iran political goal of developing exportation, this company aimed exportation of pharmaceutical products to target markets as well as providing domestic pharmaceutical market.

With regard to this Principle after long time specialized studies for the purpose of identifying appropriate export target markets in addition to visiting international pharmaceutical exhibitions in Africa, Europe and Asia continents, Sina Pishgam Drou Novin proceed with exporting pharmaceutical products to Iraq, Afghanistan, Armenia and Somalia. 

This company has also been producing and marketed its own manufactured products since 2017 containing Erecgel topical Gel ( Sildenafi1%l), O.R.S-EFF effervescent tabs in 3 different flavors of orange, lemon and strawberry, Clindamazol ointment (Clindamycin 2% – Clotrimazole 2%) , i.Cough for adults (IVY cough syrup) and i.Cough Kids (IVY cough syrup) ;Meanwhile In the next step our company started introducing our own manufactured products to global market and its business partners for the purpose of exportation that you can find the full specification in the products section of the site. 

Due to the good relation of our company with local pharmaceutical manufacturers this company has a good potential to introduce the products of these pharmaceutical companies and export them to different countries. Meanwhile our company has registered different products from different foreign companies in Iran and now is representative of almost 20 companies in all around the world that you can find the list of these products in our website and the name of the country of the manufacturers is available as follow and it can be presented to interested customers.

Switzerland, Portugal, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Ireland, Germany, France, Greece, Bulgaria

Other Products