Lower blood pressure

Made in Slovakia

Injectable solution

Ephedrin Biotika / Ephedrin

Ephedrine is a catecholamine with a combination of direct and indirect alpha and beta sympathomimetic effects. Ephedrine significantly stimulates the cerebral cortex, subcortical region, respiratory center and vasomotor. Children are less prone to this central stimulus effect. Has a positive chronotropic and inotropic effect on the heart muscle, increases environmental resistance and blood pressure. Elderly patients may be more sensitive to cardiovascular effects. It dilates the niche, reduces the contraction and movement of the intestine (intestinal pressure and bowel movements), contracts the sphincter, the detrusor muscle (the muscle that removes urine from the bladder), and relaxes the bladder wall. Relaxes the muscles of the uterus. It dilates the pupil of the eye, but does not affect the eye’s response to light. In this respect, it has a similar effect to adrenaline, but it is weaker, slower and more lasting. Tachyphylaxis and tolerance to the effects of ephedrine may occur with repeated dosing.

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