Strengthen the immune system

Improve Mineral absorption

Reduce the risk of Gout

Effervescent Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a very important role in the health and safety of the body.

Not only is the human body unable to produce this vitamin C, it can not even store it.

Therefore, every person should put vitamin C in their food basket and diet.

Deficiency of vitamin C in the human body causes diseases such as:

-Rapid bruising of the skin
-Inflammation of the gums
-Bleeding gums
-Delay in wound healing
-Swelling of the gums
-Dryness and brittleness of hair
-Creating red spots on the skin
-Bleeding from the nose
-Weak immune system
-Gastrointestinal diseases such as diarrhea and autoimmune diseases
-Weight gain due to slowing down Metabolism.
-Swelling in the joints

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