Prevent premature ejaculation and increase intimacy

Boost sexual desire and increase energy

Help improve infertility

Bioenergol Power

Power Supplement is a Bioenergol supplement manufactured in Portugal. Increased libido and improved infertility are the main features of Power. This oral supplement is in liquid form and increases blood flow to the organs as well as improves the condition of the erection. Increased blood circulation, due to the presence of L-arginine-L-aspartate, increases energy levels and leads to a better relationship experience in couples. Power supplement with ingredients such as L-arginine-L-aspartate, Peruvian ginseng (liquid maca) and zinc, in addition to improving infertility, helps to increase sexual desire and also improve erectile status.

L-Arginine – L-aspartate:

Al-Arginine Al-Spart increases blood flow to the organs of the body, and taking supplements increases blood flow to the penis and improves the condition of the erection, so for men who face problems such as incomplete erection, it can Be useful. Arginine Sparta also increases sexual desire in men and women by dilating blood vessels. All-arginine Al-Sparta can increase the number, speed and longevity of sperm and increase male fertility.

Maca plant:

Maca is a plant grown in Peru and is known as “Peruvian ginseng”. This plant has many effects on humans, especially it increases sexual potency. Maca is a natural Viagra today, so it is a strong sexual stimulant for both men and women, so both sexes can use it to increase sexual desire. This plant alone increases sexual desire tenfold, so it is suitable even for people who suffer from sexual disorders or impotence. Maca is also one of the oldest medicinal plants to increase fertility.


Zinc has a long-standing reputation for increasing male and female fertility. This mineral plays an important role in the reproductive physiology of men. The highest amount of zinc is present in men in the prostate gland and is involved in all stages of fertility, including hormonal metabolism, prostate gland function and sperm formation and motility. It also protects sperm against oxidative damage and vaginal bacteria. Zinc deficiency reduces the amount of testosterone and the number of sperm. In fact, it can be said that zinc is the most vital mineral in men’s sexual function.

Take one shot daily.
Mix with water or juice if desired.
Shake well before use, consume quickly after opening the shot.

If you have any illness, consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.

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