ORS-EFF effervescent tablets to compensate for dehydration

Compensate for lost body water

Correction of electrolyte imbalance

Help conserve Energy

Effervescent Tablet ORS-EFF

ORS-EFF effervescent tablets are used to replenish lost fluids and salts in the body. This product contains the right combination of salt, sugar and essential salts that increase the absorption of body fluids. Also, the presence of sugar in this product increases the absorption of water and salt in the body

Water makes up 50% to 60% of the human body. 70% of this water is present in the muscles, heart and brain tissue. Therefore, hydration of the body is essential for its normal functioning. Because electrolytes are soluble in water, electrolytes are lost through the loss of body water, which must be replaced with fluids. Without electrolytes, the body does not function well, because these compounds are involved in almost all bodily functions.

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