Research and Development of Sina Pishgam Darou Novin

Sina Pishgam Daroo Novin Research and Development Unit as one of the main and strategic pillars of the company in order to communicate the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders of the company and focusing on meeting their needs to develop the product portfolio and improve and continuously improve product quality, while maintaining organizational values A company that is based on creativity and innovation, environmental protection, belief in teamwork and customer orientation, and by using the facilities and knowledge of experts from production facilities, international standards and benefiting from the synergy inside and outside the company, tries to New drug formulations increase stakeholder satisfaction. All stages of the Development of a Medicine formulation, from the pre-formulation stage to the production of experimental and industrial batches and validation of manufacturing methods, which ultimately leads to the compilation of the CTD drug file and a questionnaire for nutritional supplements, are done within the Company.

The main tasks of the research department in Sina Pishgam Darou Novin

Transforming the Company into a knowledge-based Company in the Direction of new Technologies

-Market research of industrialized countries, new drug findings and proposal to the Food and Drug Administration for the introduction of new molecules (IDL), after approval by the Research Committee.

-Development and Design of formulations: In this unit, using knowledge and experience and using the latest version of pharmaceutical resources. Appropriate dosage forms, examination of the structure and properties of active ingredients and excipients and other related matters will continue until the approval and approval of the optimal formulation.

Manufacturing of the first industrial batch of new products: After performing stability tests on the test samples, the first industrial batch of the new product is made with the cooperation and supervision of the research unit in the relevant production unit. In the Event of any problems arising from an increase in production scale, the research unit shall take steps in accordance with the International Standards on Permission (SUPAC) to resolve the problem. At this stage, control Tests are also performed by the Research Department. Thus, the method of making a new product is delivered to the production and quality control unit during the manufacture of three industrial batches to continue production.

-Improving and improving the quality of products: In Case of any Problem in the production of any of the current products of the company, the matter is referred to the research unit for resolution. In order to realize the company’s strategy based on continuous quality improvement and application of new technologies in the production of current products, the research unit always solves problems in production lines (reducing production costs by modifying the formulation) on its agenda.

-Documentation section: All scientific and practical documents related to the optimized formulation or the new formula that is used in pharmaceutical CTDs and the development of a questionnaire for nutritional supplements are collected in this section.

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