Sina Pishgam Darou Novin's Export

With the main focus of business expansion on the products being in high demand and low supply, we have so far been able to enter into exclusive supply and distribution agreements with 30 mainly European companies leading so far in 47 registered products and a good number of under registration products.
We are constantly monitoring market demands and gathering data in order to select the right products for distribution and import and are looking for reliable partners to supply those products from.
Covering the demands and consistent supply to patients are among top priorities in Business Development. Providing access to worldwide products for Iranian consumers is what we aim for.
Recently the approach has been more toward under-license and contract manufacturing with international companies. Sina would be glad to assess joint-venture and collaboration opportunities with foreign international companies for import and manufacturing in Iran.
Please drop us an email at for such business opportunities in import as well as contract and under-license manufacturing for both medicines and supplements. We would be glad to hear from you and assess different opportunities.


  • Making worldwide quality products accessible to Iranian consumers
  • Exploring more collaboration opportunities such as joint venture, under-license, contract manufacturing with reputable international pharmaceutical companies
    Filling gaps and demands in country’s pharmaceutical market via import and manufacturing
  • Being available and accessible throughout the country
  • Gaining consumer satisfaction 
  • Achieving high quality in manufacturing and products presentation
  • Manufacturing a broad range of products in cooperation with International companies
  • Manufacturing of different strength for all age groups
  • Special consideration and regards for elderly

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